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Typhoon Full Face Mask

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Easy to use full face mask and snorkel, fits all level of snorkellers with the ability to breath through nose and mouth comfortably. 180 degree panoramic view gives unparalleled underwater vision with a UV 400 window for added protection from the suns rays. The mask has an anti-fog design with separate inhale and exhale chambers keeping the mask fog free. With the dry top snorkel the user is protected from water entering the nose and mouth.

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  • 180 degree panoramic view
  • UV 400 Polycarbonate window
  • Silicone skirt to ensure comfortable fit
  • Purge valve
  • Anti-fog design
  • Dry top snorkel
  • Detachable snorkel for compact and easy storage
  • Quick release buckle and adjustable silicone strap