Typhoon becomes KUBI Dry Glove System compatible

Typhoon International, renowned manufacturer of diving dry suits has announced that their leisure laminate DS1 and Spectre dive suits are now compatible with the KUBI Dry Glove System.

The KUBI Standard Dry Glove system is a set of lightweight aluminium rings which form a watertight connection to dry gloves. They can be fitted to the existing latex or silicone cuff seals of your Typhoon laminate dive suit.

The Standard KUBI retrofit system is suitable for two of Typhoon’s divesuits, the new DS1 and the Spectre, both of which can be fitted from one of four available ring sizes. Your chosen size comes complete with latex outer gloves pre-fitted to the KUBI aluminium rings and o-rings for each sleeves, plus a pair of standard thermal gloves.  A KUBI compact carry bag stores all the kit.

“Our customers will now have the added benefit of easily fitting gloves on site”, comments David Ellis, Leisure Product Manager at Typhoon International. “This not only helps to improve warmth and movement for the wearer ultimately increasing in-water performance, but it means that if your seal becomes damaged it can be replaced easily and quickly.”

Peter Wilson, Managing Director for the global distributor for KUBI comments, “We are delighted to be working with Typhoon International. There are a lot of synergies with the two brands, not least because they are two, well known and trusted brands both promoting quality and performance.”

This collaboration is a further demonstration of Typhoon’s commitment to delivering performance dive products to their customers.

The KUBI Dry Glove System can be purchased from www.KUBIstore.com or from a wide selection of KUBI dealers and distributors.