Get ready for the Stand Up Paddleboard season with Typhoon International’s newest boards

The hot summer days are coming and Typhoon International is proud to showcase its 2019 range of inflatable Stand UP Paddleboards (SUPs).

One of the fastest growing watersports is getting easier than ever with the advent of the Typhoon Inflatable SUP which is available in both a 9’2” and 10’2” size option. Not only does an inflatable board make it so much lighter to carry than a traditional rigid board, but Typhoon’s backpack carry case means it’s easy to carry the Typhoon SUPs to all types of beach hideaways and give more options for stowing on boats.

The advanced double skin construction paddleboards both come with an aluminium paddle and repair kit, high pressure pump and leash. A central fin helps give that smooth forward motion through the water.

Stand up paddleboarding is now the world’s fastest growing water sport according to the Daily Telegraph, and with Typhoon’s advances in technology that make inflatable models just as robust to use, it is likely to grow even further. As well as being a lot of fun, stand up paddleboarding is a great workout for the core, because you have to balance and twist to complete a stroke.

The Typhoon SUP model is available in a blue/orange design.

To find your nearest stockist call a member of the Typhoon team on +44 (0)1642 486 104.


Typhoon International 10.2 SUP £525 inc VAT

Typhoon International SUP x2 £495 inc VAT