Typhoon International celebrates 70 years in business

One of Redcar’s long-standing companies celebrated 70 years in business on Friday (8th September) by inviting the Mayor of Redcar and Cleveland, Councillor Karen King.

The Mayor was joined by the 80 staff who work at Typhoon’s Limerick Road factory, where she spoke to the team, telling them how encouraging it was to see a true manufacturing business in Redcar celebrate such a milestone year, a testament to the brand and quality of the products produced.

Typhoon is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drysuits for professional and amateur divers and lovers of watersports.

The guests and staff were welcomed to the buffet breakfast by Managing Director Stephen Ward, who told them “Over the years Typhoon has pioneered a great many improvements and innovations as fabrics and manufacturing techniques have advanced. The cumbersome early versions of divesuits and drysuits have developed into lightweight, breathable, flexible and more durable suits which can be worn for far longer periods. This has revolutionised the way water-based operations can be carried out.”

The founder of Typhoon, Oscar Gugen, a keen diver, came to the UK after the Second World War and started Typhoon International, making the first dive suits in 1952 and the first drysuit in 1957. The company led many of the fabric breakthroughs that paved the way for the modern suits and the company’s business grew steadily. Today manufacturing is still carried out in Redcar using a highly skilled workforce and distributed to the global leisure, commercial and military markets.

This, combined with their in-house knowledge and expertise, means they can provide bespoke designs and alterations for commercial customers, Ministry of Defence, rescue and response organisations, extreme adventurers and divers who have specific design considerations.

To commemorate the 70 years, Typhoon has launched a limited edition dive suit, the Dive Suit 1 (DS1) which features the original branding from the first ever suit. See the Dive Suit 1 here.

Today Typhoon is still a key player in the diving, commercial, leisure and watersports markets.